Battle together to survive

The bond between Driver and Blade is special—and powerful. After all, the weapons and powers that Drivers can use in battle are determined by their Blades.

Each Driver can equip up to three Blades at a time, so you can customize your combat style.

The Art of combat

Blades give their Drivers access to special skills called Arts. These Arts are key to your success in combat.
Regular Arts
As Drivers auto-attack enemies with their weapons, their Arts will power up. They can then be used to do extra damage, cause special effects, and more.
Special Arts & combos
Using Arts charges up a Blade’s Special Art, a powerful attack with four levels of intensity. You can even chain together these attacks in Blade Combos to do massive damage to your enemies!

The battle begins...

Here’s a look at the info you’ll see during combat.

Party Gauge:

This gauge increases as Drivers work together in battle. The energy gathered in these bars lets you resurrect fallen characters or use it all at once for a Chain Attack, where each party member attacks in succession with one of their Blades.



Names, levels, and HP of the Drivers in your party.



The Blades the player currently has, mapped to the corresponding buttons on the left Joy-Con™ controller.


Arts Palette:

The Arts the player has access to with their own Blade. Each of these is mapped to the corresponding button on the right Joy-Con controller.


Special Art Effect:

The length of time the Special Art effects the enemy. During this time, other Special Arts can be used for Blade Combos.


Blade Combo Tree:

This shows the Special Arts that can currently be chained together to continue the Blade Combo.


Enemy Info:

The enemy’s level, name, HP bar, and elemental weakness.


Available Elemental Arts:

At this moment in the battle, another party member is using a Water Blade, which can continue the Blade Combo with Venom Water. When this move is charged and ready to use, a button icon will appear on screen.

Level up your party

You can modify your characters in many ways, from equipping gear and accessories to earning new skills through experience.
Driver development

Drivers can unlock new skills on their Affinity Chart using experience points earned by defeating enemies. They can also strengthen certain Arts with these points.

You can use accessories and special items to give Drivers a boost.

Blade upgrades

Blades unlock new skills by completing certain achievements. The stronger the bond between the Blade and its Driver, the more skills they can access.

You can also enhance a Blade’s weapon using Core Chips, and equip Aux Cores to boost other stats. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Find upgrade materials

Special in-game items like accessories and Aux Cores don’t grow on trees, but you can often get them in stores or craft them from the materials you gather when you’re out exploring.

Another good way to get materials is to help people out with quests. Just look for the question marks above certain characters to get started. After all, life isn’t just about battle…

Make your Blades into mercenaries

As you play, you’ll earn the ability to send Blades out on special Merc Missions. Completing these missions can earn experience and even treasure, as well as open up tougher missions.