Explore the world of Alrest
Alrest is an endless ocean of clouds that surrounds the World Tree, where it is said life began. But now, the last remnants of civilization live atop massive Titans.
Imperial Province of Gormott

This Titan is home to the Gormotti people, whose main settlement is the town of Torigoth. The Titan is covered in lush plains and forests, and the accessible areas are affected by the movements of the Cloud Sea. It is under the control of Mor Ardain.

The Kingdom
of Uraya

The inhabitants of this Titan live inside its stomach. Though clear sacs let some light in, Uraya is a cave-like region that features bio-luminescent plants.

The Empire of
Mor Ardain

This Titan is far more barren than the others in its old age. As a result, the Empire uses its technology to expand its territory and claim more resources. There is almost no plant life to be found on this Titan.

The Argentum
Trade Guild

This trading hub is home to a wide variety of people, many of whom are Nopon. It’s full of salvage and trading stops, and is not affected by the Cloud Sea. The Titan is only large enough to hold the manmade structures of the city—there is generally no wildlife on the Titan itself.

The Indoline

The Praetorium on Indol keeps every Blade in Alrest officially tracked and controlled. The Praetor is also the ruler of the people on the Titan. Indol is home to many refugees from various dying Titans and wars.

The Leftherian Archipelago

This area includes Fonsett Village, where Rex grew up. It’s actually a vast series of island Titans and small villages connected by bridges and tunnels through the Cloud Sea.


The demilitarized zone between Uraya and Mor Ardain. Both countries have armed garrisons stationed there, and Mor Ardain have been carrying out excavations of a Judicium weapon in the area.

The Kingdom of Tantal

Little is known about Tantal, or its Titan, Genbu: Tantal is an isolationist state, strictly controlling entry. Like Uraya, the Titan swims beneath the Cloud Sea and everything lives inside it. Its climate is far colder than other Titans, and is the only Titan seen with snowfall.