Humanity’s last hope is in your hands

Lost in a sea of clouds, entire civilizations rest on the backs of colossal beasts known as Titans. As the Titans march toward death, unlikely heroes arise: a young scavenger named Rex and a living weapon called Pyra. Can they find the fabled paradise of Elysium in time to save what’s left of humanity?

“If such a place did exist, maybe we could all live in peace, without the need to fight.” —Rex

Make friends and allies

The search for Elysium will lead you further than you can imagine. You won’t make it alone.
The story’s main character makes a living salvaging treasure from the cloud ocean. He lives on the back of a Titan he calls "Gramps." When Rex meets Pyra, his world changes forever.
Rex's partner and a Blade who commands the power of fire. Together with Rex, she aims for paradise.
Nia / Dromarch
Nia is a Driver (a person able to wield Blades) whose partner is a cat-like Blade named Dromarch. She can be prickly, but grows fond of Rex and the rest of the party over time.
Tora / Poppi
A young Nopon inventor who dreams of being a Driver. He even creates his own clockwork Blade, called Poppi, with the help of Rex and Pyra.

Know your enemies

One of the biggest threats to your quest is a group known as Torna. They want to capture Pyra and use her power to further their goals.
Leader of the Torna, Jin is as mysterious as he is deadly.
Malos is Torna’s second-in-command, and a dangerous foe.

A new Blade is born

Blades come from Core Crystals, which you can find or buy in the game. Since Blades give their Driver access to special weapons and powers, you’ll want to get as many as you can.
There’s no way to tell what type of Blade you’ll get in advance. If you’re lucky, you might get a hard-to-find Blade with a special design!